Our Story

Dallas and Ted Gilpin fell in love with Saugerties when they purchased Shale Hill Farm in 2012 from Pat Reppert, who started the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival on the Farm in 1989. Their visits to their “weekend” home kept stretching into weeks, as they never wanted to return back to the city from their heavenly escape in Upstate New York.

Beginning in 2012, The Dutch was their Friday night stop on the way home from the city each weekend, where they were always welcomed with a smile from their favorite bartender, and served a comforting meal. Their love and devotion to the Ale House runs so deep that when they married in 2013, they held their rehearsal dinner in The Dutch’s old “party room.” The old, classic feeling that emanated from that room truly resonated with the Gilpins, and they passionately dreamt about bringing that feeling into the whole space. 

Both Dallas and Ted have extensive backgrounds in finance and business and wanted to find a way to invest in Saugerties, and establish themselves in the community, especially after the births of their two daughters, Emma (age 3) and Beth (age 1). After learning that their friends, the Paviches (The Dutch’s previous owners) were looking to make a move back to the city, Dallas and Ted decided to transform their dreams into reality. They partnered with another friend, Jonathan Botta, who had the background in food and restaurants that they lacked, and decided the opportunity was perfect to meld their love for Saugerties, history, and food, and put it all towards turning The Dutch into an even more classic, comforting haven that their customers can all enjoy today.



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